iThemes is becoming SolidWP

22 April 2023

We are excited to announce that iThemes will be undergoing a rebrand in the coming months. Our brand, products, and website will have a new identity as SolidWP.

iThemes is one of the oldest and most respected brands in WordPress. iThemes has been known for themes and site builders, website tools, design tools, and even eCommerce for a bit. However, in recent years, iThemes has solidified its role as a reliable leader in WordPress security, backups, site maintenance, and training. With that in mind, iThemes is becoming SolidWP:

  • Solid Security
  • Solid Backups
  • Solid Central
  • Solid Academy

We will be sharing exciting details over the next few months (along with a few opportunities to win prizes!). Please do not update your iThemes content yet, we will provide our new assets when it is time to do so

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